My first Website
Welcome to your homepage on Village Networks

Welcome to your homepage on Village Networks

You can edit all of this site using the simple interface, just like writing a document.

Just click the login button on the left.

The fist thing to do is change your cms-password. To do this login using the username 'admin' and the password 'test' (without the 'quotes'), click settings and edit the username and password fields. Then simply scroll to the bottom of the page and press save. (This password is only used to edit your website, not for mail or hosting). Once you have done that you can edit any page in this site using the navigation menu on the left. The first thing you'll want to replace is this page called "Welcome to your homepage on Village Networks".

Here are a couple of pages to get you started.
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[ If you know what ftp, php, html, mysql and java are and you would like to remove this simple site then feel free to do so. You can remove this site via with your username and password ]